Bionic Eye 200X Zooming Digital USB Microscope Camera with 5-Specimen

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Bionic eye is a entry-level electron microscope, can display microscopic images through television or computer. To observe the object (such as seeds, petals, bees, ants, biological specimens, etc) to enlarge, to see the colorful and lively images .minimum magnification 200 times!

* Eight major part of the Multiple Intelligences

1) Verbal-linguistic intelligence

2) Musical-rhythmic intelligence

3) Logical-mathematical intelligence

4) Visual-spatial intelligence

5) Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

6) Intrapersonal intelligence

7) Interpersonal intelligence

8) Naturalist intelligence

* Function:

1) Excellent microscope for children education

2) Magnification from 200X

3) USB interface, plug and play

4) USB powered, no external power required

5) Point at any object and see it magnified on your PC/laptop

6) Comes with 5 biological specimens: ant, pine, onion, salt crystal and cucurbit

7) USB cable length: 180cm
OEM are Welcome! we can print customer's artwork and company logo
Type of Packing: Color Box
Package Includes: Installation CD
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