Wrist Band Anti-Lost Alarm, Protecting the Child in Public Place, JB-L03(Blue) Lead Time: 1~3 Days.

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1) This is ideal for protecting your child in public places such as park, garden, shopping mall and in walking, and so on

2) Device consist of:

1. Transmitter: placed on the child’s wrist

2. Receiver: sound alarm and vibrate if child is out of set distance

3. Keys: lock the transmitter on child’s wrist

3) Transmitter send signal to receiver if child runs out of the distance range, with key-lock device to avoid being torn off by child. To use it, just dial switch to position "on" ; do not use it, please dial switch to position "off"

4) Receiver receive signal, sound alarm and vibrate to give alert. Distance range: adjustable from min.0 to max. 20 meters

5) Switch 3 positions:

1."s-on" searching functions. Dial switch to position "s-on", you have searching function. If receiving the signals, receiver will sound “beep…”and vibrate to indicate approaching child

2."off" when do not use such device, please dial to position "off"

3. "N-on" alerting functions. When the child is out off surveillance area, receiver will keep and vibrate to alert parents. It is used for child surveillance

6) Keys: To lock transmitter on child’s wrist

7) Features:

1. Transmitter uses battery CR2032 (included)

2. Receiver uses 1 x AAA battery (not included)

3. Both receiver and transmitter have LED indicator

4. This device can also be used on valuable objects such as mobile phone, purse, laptop, camera, luggage, etc.
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from Tarija
  Order #: 1504231544  
03/24/2016 02:42
just like the picture
from Netherlands
04/30/2013 13:42
Good device. Not sand- or waterproof.
from Singapore
08/04/2012 03:47
Great Product
from Mexico
11/30/2011 21:10
Excellent for children !
SUNSKY: Dear Friend, thank you for comment.
replied by helen_wu
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