Magic Trick Toy - Cigarette Disappear and Appear Lead Time: 2~5 Days.

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Case of 80 Units: $96.00 $89.60
   ≥ 1 unit $1.20  
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   ≥ 1/4 case $1.14  
   ≥ 1/2 case $1.13  
   ≥ 1 case $1.12  
   ≥ 4 cases $1.09  
   ≥ 10 cases $1.07  


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1) A lit cigarette can disappear after a pinch in the hand,and it can reappear from different places

2) With elastic disappearance unit

3) Hang the needle of disappearance unit under the collapsible,prepare a cigarette the same with the cigarette in the play in a hidden place,lit it and place in a hidden place.

4) During communication with audience,pull out the plastic tub of disappearance unit with left hand and pinch it in the fist

5) Insert the lit cigarette into the plastic tube in the hand,now the cigarette will extinguish automatically

6) Cover the left fist with right hand,at the same time loosen the disappearance unit.the disappearance unit will rapidly flip back.when unclenching the left fist,the cigarette is gone

7) Size: 62x14x14mm

8) Magician manipulates a lit cigarette and makes it vanish and appear in his hand.
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from Belgium
02/08/2013 06:44
ok arrivato!
from Italy
04/23/2012 10:52
Amazing trick! :))))
from Netherlands
03/03/2012 03:02
nice item, looking good and quality is good i think..
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