TV Card Reader

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1) USB interface, support for OTG function (means any USB memory device can play without drive program)

2) Browse photos stored in the digital camera

3) Revolve in 4 direction , enlarge and contract any picture of photograph or JPG format

4) Play movies above DIVX *4.0 format

5) play music in MP3 or wma format

6) Supports 32 kinds subtitle & 8 kinds OSD Language

7) Band Preset equalizer (Rock / Classic / Pop / Flat)

8) 24bit / 192KHz high performance audio DAC

9) PAL / NTSC / Auto TV system

10) Coaxial digital output (optional)

11) Includes a infrared remote control with long distance operation abilities

12) Has replay, slow viewing, quickly viewing and mute function

13) Main keys : Power Switch , return , Voice +/- , Pause Play , next

14) Several kinds of languages available for choosing

15) Support 17 kinds of Memory Cards :

SD (Secure Digital)

SD Ultra (Secure Digital Ultra)

SD SDC (Secure Digital SDC)

MSD (Mini Secure Digital)

MMC (Multi Media)

HSMMC (HS Multi Media Card)

RSMMC (RS Multi Media Card)

MS (Memory Stick)

MGMS (Magic Gate Memory Stick)

MGMS Duo (Magic Gate Duo Memory Stick)

MGMS Pro (Magic Gate Pro Duo Memory Stick)

MGMS Pro Duo (Magic Gate Pro Duo Memory Stick)

HGMSMS Pro (HS Magic Gate Pro Memory Stick)

HGMSHS Pro Duo (Magic Gate Pro Duo Memory Stick)


Micro SD

Mini SD
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.36kgs / 0.80lb
Qty per Carton 64
Carton Weight 18.00kgs / 39.68lb
Carton Size 64cm * 35cm * 52cm / 25.2inch * 13.78inch * 20.47inch
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