Buckyballs Magnetic Balls / Magic Puzzle Magnet Balls (125pcs Magnet Balls Included) Lead Time: 2~5 Days.

Wholesale: $8.11
Case of 120 Units: $1022.40 $954.00
   ≥ 1 unit $8.52  
   ≥ 2 units $8.27  
   ≥ 1/4 case $8.11  
   ≥ 1/2 case $8.03  
   ≥ 1 case $7.95  
   ≥ 4 cases $7.79  
   ≥ 10 cases $7.62  


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Sales Manager: Ms. Grandy
Item #: S-GPT-0203
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1) This toy is literally a puzzle with billions of solutions.

2) You can Create and recreate an outrageous number of shapes and patterns with this toy

3) The balls will provide you with hours and hours of unequaled entertainment!

4) This toy is also an amazing intellectual toy.

5) This toy can stimulate and exercise your Right & Left brain, compared to other toys.

6) You can use this toy to design or build anything which you can think with these magnetic sphere

7) Diameter of ball: 4.9 mm each ball

8) Made of 216 pcs strong magnetic NdFeB balls (NdFeB is a permanent-magnet technology)

9) Can make any image as long as you can think it

10) Can be used an educational tool for children; Also a good gift for friend

11) You can put them in a chain, fold them into cube, create the shape you like with these magic balls

12) Size: 25mm x 25mm x 25mm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.11kgs / 0.25lb
Qty per Carton 120
Carton Weight 13.00kgs / 28.66lb
Carton Size 45cm * 28cm * 21cm / 17.72inch * 11.02inch * 8.27inch
OEM are Welcome! we can print customer's artwork and company logo
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from Morocco
03/20/2016 19:18
I like this product I like the colors I like the magnet it's amazing
08/20/2014 16:56
Good iteam
from Italy
04/23/2012 10:52
Perfect, very nice game!
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