1 To 99 Shocking Number Guessing Game Toy Electric Party Toy Lead Time: 2~5 Days.

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* Description:

1) Play with as many or as few people as you like.

2) Built-in Computer Voice guides you

3) Built-in flashing lights and music

4) 2 different games to choose from (1-99 & Samantha Says)

5) 3 Modes of Play - Light Shocks, More Shock & Siren Only (No Shock)

* Specificaiton:

1) Size: 120x130x42mm

2) Age: Not suitable for under 14s

3) Power Requirements: 3 x AAA (Not Included)

* Playing 1 tO 99

1) Turn the game on and slide the switch to the '' 1 to 99 '' position.

2) Select your desired SHOCK LEVEL using the HIGH SHOCK / LOW SHOCK / SIREN SWITCH ( if you choose the SIREN position ,you will be playing with No SHOCK at all ) .

3) Press the S/P Button once to start the game .The object of the game is to NOT CHOOSE the same number that the computer has chosen !

4) The 1 to 99 will then randomly choose a number.

5) Begin the game by entering a two digit number (from 1 to 99) by using the number keys and then confirm your choice by pressing down on the 2 Electronic Push Buttons until you hear the confirmation sound.

6) Now the 1 to 99 game will narrow down the number range that contains the selected number and then announce that new range to you .The next player enters a new number using the number keys and then to confirm their choice they must press down on the 2 Electronic Push Buttons until you hear the confirmation sound.

7) Play continues in this manner until somebody Will choose the computer's number -when this happens you will "FEEL THE POWER" of the game

8) To restart a new game,simply press the S/P button
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from South Korea
02/25/2014 22:21
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