SUNSKY Affiliate Program

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Introductory Offer

As a way of saying thank you for joining the program, we are increasing the starter rate to 10%( from 5% ) during the introductory period.

Referral vs. Regular SUNSKY points

Referral SUNSKY points are the same as regular SUNSKY points earned by purchases, but are collected differently. When you make purchases for yourself, SUNSKY points are assigned at a rate of 1 point for every $10 spent (including all shipping charges). Referral points work similarly, but do not round off at every $10. When your referred customer completes an order, both of you will receive SUNSKY points. The customer receives SUNSKY points based on the normal rate, and you, the referrer, gets the amount of SUNSKY points equivalent to the order total times your affiliation level's 'SUNSKY Point' rate.

For example: Joe, who you referred, spent a total of $32.69 on merchandises and shipping fees and you are on our Standard affiliation program level (thus 10% SUNSKY rate). Joe gets 3 SUNSKY points and you as the referrer get 3.27 SUNSKY points. Notice how you also get the decimal points for each referral's purchases. Without these extra points, small orders would be meaningless to you as the referrer.

Note that refunds sent to referred orders will also cause corresponding points to be deducted.

The 'Fine Print'

Whatever you do please do not try to earn commissions on community sites like These are good sites to do research on what products to offer on your own website, blog or forum, but certainly not to be used as a tool to make money.

Also, we do not allow self or otherwise fraudulent referrals. Please do not abuse the program as everyone will lose out in the end.