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PULUZ 4 en 1 Vlogging Live Broadcast Smartphone Video Rig 4.7 pulgadas 12cm Ring LED Selfie Light Kits con micrófono Trípode Mount Cold Shoe Trípode Head para iPhone, Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, LG, Google y otros teléfonos inteligentes Ship Time Los pedidos antes de 6PM (GMT+8) se envian el mismo día

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Artículo #: PKT3025R
Marca: PULUZ


Ring LED
1. LED ring light can be mounted on the holder and take it anywhere, it can also be removed from the stand at any time, the tripod ball head can 360 degree rotating can free to adjust to any angle.
2. The ring light is made of 40pcs energy-saving LED beads, it heat dissipation is excellent, constant current drive and high color rendering, soften the light source and enhance skin tone in portraits photography.
4. 3 colors lighting mode adjustable brightness for your choose,you can adjust the color and brightness very easily, perfect brightness can be achieved without installing extra colorful filters. Three colors of soft natural light illuminate your beauty in different occasions.
5. The USB ports can be used with multiple devices, such as connect computer host, laptop, mobile power and USB charger. You will be able to enjoy LED ring light at any time free.
6. Lightweight and portable design: Convenient to use and carry when you traveling or working outdoor etc.
7. The function of heat dissipation: Metal shell, even if it is used for a long time,there is no need to worry that the lamp will be hot.
8. Extensive application: It is widely applied to outdoor photo light, filling light indoors, portrait, fashion, advertisement photography, shooting video etc.

1. The microphone can be fixed on the DV with microphone hole and path. The MS stereo system enables a natural sound pick-up. Delivering a stereo sound image with superb clarity.
2. The pickup pattern (affecting the soundstage width) can be set to 90 or 120 according to the sound.
3. Fit any device that have 3.5mm MIC socket and hot shoe.
4. Frequency response: 30-15000Hz.
5. Sensitivity: -40dB+/-2dB (0dB = 1V/Pa at 1KHZ).

Vlogging Rig
1. It is a must-have for you, if you love recording high quality videos. It makes shooting videos much easier since you have a much better grip with two handles.
2. With 3 standard shoe mount slot, you can get lighting and microphone attachments. A fantastic tool for who need take higher quality phones or videos close to professional level.
3. The special design will enable you to take steady shots and capture unique life experiences
4. A must-have accessory for anyone wanting to improve their filmmaking skills with a phone that shoots better images than many high end cameras. You can mount it with any tripod, slider or dollies.
5. Compatible with iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, Samsung, Huawei most smartphone with or without a case from 2 inch to 3.5 inch wide.

Mini Tripod Mount
1. Lightweight and portable design, only 150g.
2. Made from thick and sturdy plastic, perfect for shooting action sports footage from a fixed angle, but can also be used as a hand grip to shoot video or photos with your GoPro, compact camera or smartphone.
3. The new push-button mechanism enables you to position and lock the ball head in one rapid, intuitive movement. Pushing the button releases the ball joint to move freely. When the button is released, the ball is locked automatically in the selected position.
4. With this solid construction, it provides a secure base in every situation and the rubber feet guarantee a stable and slip-free on any surface.
5. 1/4 inch universal screw, compatible with Canon/ Nikon/ Sony/Pentax compact cameras and other light weight DSLRs with 1/4 inch thread; suitable for GoPro 5/4/3+, and iPhone, Galaxy, Huawei, Haweel and other smartphones.
6. Max Load: 1kg.
7. Size: 17.3*5.5*4.3cm.

Ring LED Specifications
1. Number of beads: 40pcs
2. Lamp bead model: 2835
3. Lamp brightness: 24-26lm
4. White light color temperature: 6500K
5. Warm white color temperature: 3200K
6. Power: 4-8W
7. Voltage: 5V
8. Indicates: Ra>82
9. Dimming range: 1%-100%
10. Shell material: aluminum
11. Dimensions: outer diameter 120mm. inner diameter 86mm
12. Power supply: USB port power supply

Peso del paquete
Peso de un paquete 0.68kgs / 1.51lb
Cantidad por cartón 20
Peso de cartón 13.20kgs / 29.10lb
Tamaño de cartón 69cm * 50cm * 37cm / 27.17inch * 19.69inch * 14.57inch
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[$23.59] PULUZ 4 en 1 Vlogging Live Broadcast Smartphone Video Rig 4.7 pulgadas 12cm Ring LED Selfie Light Kits con micrófono Trípode Mount Cold Shoe Trípode Head para iPhone, Galaxy, Huawei, Xiaomi, HTC, LG, Google y otros teléfonos inteligentes
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