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1) USB powered sphere with coloured lightning flashes inside

2) At touch, blue flashes of lightning will move to greet your fingertips.

3) On/Off switch.

4) Just plug this plasma ball into any USB port on your computer, flick the switch to 'On' and watch as it comes to life!

5) Hand-blown sphere: 7cm diameter.

6) Dimension: 14x 10 x 10cm

7) Weight: 130g

* Functional Description:

1) Ornamental:Where your finger arrive by electrostatic induction, where in lamp's optical fiber will focus. The static time optical fiber non-rule beat may use in exaggerating the atmosphere, the gorgeous color at night gives the human by the mystical gentle feeling!

2) Disinfection function: Anions neutralize static electricity, effectively reducing the electrostatic air pollution. And when outside of lighting, will produce a large number of high-speed movements of anions, in the light thermal reaction function under the action of using the aerodynamics can be more effectively spread evenly throughout the interior space, no dead ends on their environment to disinfect and clean.

3) Scavenging air: The spheroid sends out the anoin has issued fresh air, decomposition of absorption of nicotine and decoration harmful gases, dust particles. Lighting at the same time, can form negatively charged air anions. When the anions in the air combined bacteria cells, bacteria cells will die due to structural changes. The anoin may through the negative charge neutral float in the air the belt positive charge smog dust, after causing it loses activeness, the plain sedimentation, serves scavenging air its purpose finally.

* Use:

1) This product makes using the drive plasma electric discharge principle, is suitable for places such as the dance hall, bar, music cafe, science and technology museum and family, etc.; Have many kinds of model at your choice, it is the best choice of house that is furnished, work in the platform and furnish and giving a present, really bring the beautiful enjoyment!
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[$4.83] USB Plasma Ball Sphere Light
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