EU Plug AC Adapter 19V 4.74A 90W for HP COMPAQ Notebook, Output Tips: 7.4 x 5.0mm (Original Version) Ship Time Lead Time: 1~3 Days.

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Item #: S-LA-2206AL
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High quality, Brand new, exactly AC power charger adapter for your laptop.

1) Input: AC100 - 240V 1.5A 50-60Hz

2) Output: 19V 4.74A

3) Output power: 90W

4) Output Tips: 7.4 x 5.0mm

5) For HP: dv7-6101eg, 4330s, CQ42-311AU, dv6-1330TX, dv3-2313tx, g4-1101AU, G42-384TX, CQ42-471TU, dv6-3028TX, dv3-2226tx, g4-1049TU, g4-1039TX, CQ61-327TX, dm3-1034TX, 325, dv8-1001TX, 326, 326, 421, 4520s, g4-1018TX, 431, dv6t, 436, 621, CQ40-613TX, CQ42-191TX, CQ41-206TX, 4230s, CQ40-620AX, CQ40-622AU, CQ43-204TX, CQ40-619AX, 6930p, g4-1013TX, G62x, CQ32-113TX, 4331s, CQ40-640TX, 4430s, EliteBook 8760w, 4431s, dv4-4030us, 4436s, CQ41-204AU, 5310m, 5330m, dv6-6103tx, CQ36-118TX, 6450b, dv8-1080ea, dv6-1228tx, 6440b, dv4-3101TX, 4416s, dv7-5000ea, dv6-6152TX, CQ32-105TX, CQ42-219AX, CQ42-223AX, CQ43-101AU, CQ43-101TX, CQ43-102TX, CQ43-103TU, CQ43-116TU, CQ43-202TX, CQ62-210AX, CQ62-211AX, dm4-1116TX, dm4-1117TX, dm4-1118TX, dv3-4046tx, dv3-4062TX, dv3-4063TX, CQ42-312AU, dv3-4125TX, dv3-4126TX, dv3-4127tx, dv4-3010TX, dv4-3011TX, dv4-3115TX, dv6-1331tx, dv6-6100tx, dv6-6101tx, dv6-6151tx, Envy 13-1002tx, dv6-6153tx, g4-1012TX, g4-1013AX, g4-1016TX, g4-1017TU, g4-1017TX, g4-1018TU, g4-1038X, g4-1055TU, g4-1057TU, g4-1058TX, g4-1059TX, 4411s, 2230s, g4-1102AU, dv4-3009TX, g4-1207AX, g4-1104AX, g4-1118TX, g6-1100TX, g4-1103AX, g6-1101AX, g6-1109TX, g6-1110TX, CQ42-218AX, g4-1056TU, g4-1233TX, G42-474TX, 6360b, CQ42-282TX, g4-1060TX, G42-494TU, CQ40-638TX, CQ61-306TX, dv7-4290us, dv3-2121tx
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.52kgs / 1.15lb
Qty per Carton 50
Carton Weight 21.00kgs / 46.30lb
Carton Size 60cm * 37cm * 29cm / 23.62inch * 14.57inch * 11.42inch
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from Žilina
  Order #: 1604271149   SKU: S-LA-2206CL  
04/28/2016 16:37
from Pietermaritzburg
South Africa
  Order #: 1311079231   SKU: S-LA-2206AL  
04/11/2015 06:09
from cervarese santa croce
  Order #: 1412054632   SKU: S-LA-2206AL  
03/30/2015 12:51
from Italy
11/21/2013 10:34
from Belgium
08/28/2013 04:11
from Russian Federation
05/17/2013 10:48
from Australia
02/13/2013 17:22
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from Italy
01/31/2013 06:00
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01/11/2013 18:55
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[$5.10] EU Plug AC Adapter 19V 4.74A 90W for HP COMPAQ Notebook, Output Tips: 7.4 x 5.0mm (Original Version)
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