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About The Product
1. Replacement LCD Screen for iPhone 5C
2. Replace the old, broken, cracked, damaged LCD screen with a new one
3. Make your device look more refreshing than ever
4. Completely fit and work
5. Each item has been checked and in good condition before shipping
6. Professional installation is highly recommended. We will not be responsible once the screen is installed

1. Large stock, fast delivery, can meet large purchasing plan
2. Original top quality.
3. Complete fit and work
4. Supply quality warranty with professional service

Before Installation Notes
Tips 1: Test before installation
When testing, do not remove any protective film or tags. Please pay attention to the problem of static electricity.
Before attempting any repair, be sure to ground yourself is an ESD (electro static discharge) strap. This will prevent static electricity from damaging the electronic components within the phone.
Ensure you wear eye protection and use caution not to cut your finger with the glass splinters.
Tips 2: Simulates testing
Screen replacement is very fragile product. We strongly suggest test before installation. Please simulates testing, which means mobile phone apart, (motherboard + LCD or screen) connected audio cable and new replacement, power on, test finished. If test OK, please install it. If it can not show, please contact us at the very first time. And please do not force it to be installed in mobile phone. We will not be responsible once the screen is installed.
Tips 3: Do not over-bend cable
Please make sure LCD cable Do not over-bend. Over 90 degrees bent will cause black display.

Compatible with
Size 12*5.2cm
Weight 29g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.11kgs / 0.24lb
Qty per Carton 50
Carton Weight 10.00kgs / 22.05lb
Carton Size 50cm * 40cm * 40cm / 19.69inch * 15.75inch * 15.75inch
Loading Container 20GP: 333 cartons * 50 pcs = 16650 pcs
40HQ: 773 cartons * 50 pcs = 38650 pcs
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GUIDE: iPhone 5c Front Panel Replacement

Use this guide to replace the front panel. The front panel does not include the home button, front camera assembly, earpiece speaker, or the LCD shield plate—you'll need to transfer all of these components into your replacement part. To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Download Guide

Step 1 - Display Assembly

  • If your display glass is cracked, keep further breakage contained and prevent bodily harm during your repair by taping the glass.
  • Lay overlapping strips of clear packing tape over the iPhone's display until the whole face is covered.
  • This will keep glass shards contained and provide structural integrity when prying and lifting the display.
  • Wear safety glasses to protect your eyes from any glass shaken free during the repair.

Step 2

  • Remove the two 3.8 mm Pentalobe screws next to the Lightning connector.

Step 3 - Opening Procedure

  • The next two steps demonstrate using the LCD Screen Opener, a great tool for safely opening the iPhone 6 that we recommend for anyone doing more than one repair. If you aren't using the LCD Screen Opener, skip to Step 5.
  • Close the handle on the LCD Screen Opener, opening the suction-cup jaws.
  • Place the bottom of your iPhone in between the suction cups, against the plastic depth gauge.
  • The top suction cup should rest just above the home button.
  • Open the handles to close the jaws of the LCD Screen Opener. Center the suction cups and press them firmly onto the top and bottom of the iPhone.

Step 4

  • Hold onto your iPhone securely and close the handle of the LCD Screen Opener to separate the suction cups, pulling the front panel up from the rear case.
  • The LCD Screen Opener is designed to safely open your iPhone just enough to separate the pieces, but not enough to damage any cables.
  • Peel the two suction cups off your iPhone.
  • Skip the next three steps and continue on step 7.

Step 5 - Manual Opening Procedure

  • Press a suction cup onto the screen, just above the home button.
  • Be sure the cup is completely on the screen to get a tight seal.

Step 6

  • Make sure the suction cup is firmly attached to the front panel assembly.
  • While holding the iPhone down with one hand, pull up on the suction cup to slightly separate the front panel assembly from the rear case.
  • Take your time and apply firm, constant force. The display assembly is a much tighter fit than most devices.
  • With a plastic opening tool, begin to gently pry the rear case down, away from the display assembly, while you pull up with the suction cup.
  • There are several clips attaching the front panel assembly to the rear case, so you may need to use a combination of the suction cup and plastic opening tool to free the front panel assembly.

Step 7

  • Pull the plastic nub to release the vacuum seal on the suction cup.
  • Remove the suction cup from the display assembly.

Step 8

  • Lift the home button end of the front panel up to gain access to the connectors near the top of the phone.
  • During the next few steps, until you remove the front panel assembly, keep it supported at a 90 degree angle in relation to the rear case.

Step 9

  • Remove the following Phillips #000 screws securing the front panel assembly cable bracket to the logic board:
  • Two 1.3 mm screws
  • One 1.7 mm screw
  • One 3.25 mm screw
  • It is especially important to keep track of your screws in this step for reassembly. Accidentally using the 3.25 mm screw or the 1.7 mm screw in the bottom right hole will result in significant damage to the logic board causing the phone to no longer boot properly.
  • Be careful not to over-tighten the screws. If they don't fit easily when you are securing them, they may be the wrong size, don't force them.

Step 10

  • Remove the front panel assembly cable bracket from the logic board.

Step 11

  • Use a plastic opening tool to disconnect the front-facing camera and sensor cable connector.
  • Be sure to only pry up on the connector, and not on the socket on the logic board.

Step 12

  • Use a plastic opening tool to disconnect the LCD cable connector.
  • The LCD and Digitizer connectors are on the same cable assembly, so prying the LCD connector up should disconnect both connectors. Double check that the two cables are fully disconnected before removing the display.
  • When reassembling your phone, the LCD cable may pop off its connector. A blank screen, or white lines on the display could be caused by a loose connection. Should this happen, reconnect the cable and power cycle your phone. The best way to power cycle your phone is to disconnect and reconnect the battery.

Step 13

  • Remove the front panel assembly from the rear case.

Step 14 - Home Button Ribbon Cable

  • Remove the two 1.3 mm Phillips #000 screws securing the home button bracket to the display assembly.

Step 15

  • Use a plastic opening tool to pry the edge of the home button ribbon cable up from the display assembly.
  • Start under the contact points on the right and work to the left.
  • Starting from the left and going right may rip your ribbon cable. The contacts are well adhered to the front panel and should be peeled up first.
  • If you have trouble sliding the plastic opening tool under the contact points, flip the tool over and gently push against the right side of the contact cable to loosen the adhesive, then try again.

Step 16

  • Remove the home button ribbon cable from the display assembly.

Step 17 - Home Button

  • Gently push the top right corner of the home button up away from the front panel.
  • Do not push the home button all the way through; you only need to get a corner free so that you can pry it out with a spudger.
  • This membrane is very thin. If you feel like you are going to tear the button, apply heat and try again.

Step 18

  • Peel the home button the rest of the way off of the display by prying gently with a spudger.

Step 19

  • Remove the home button assembly from the front panel.

Step 20 - Earpiece Speaker

  • Remove two Phillips #000 screws securing the upper component bracket to the display assembly.
  • One 4.2 mm screw
  • One 2.3 mm screw

Step 21

  • Use the flat edge of a spudger to push the earpiece speaker bracket off the display assembly.

Step 22

  • Remove the earpiece speaker from the iPhone.

Step 23 - Front-Facing Camera and Sensor Cable

  • Using the pointed end of a spudger, gently pry the earpiece speaker contact cable up, to separate this portion of the camera and sensor cable from the adhesive below.
  • There is a small, square, plastic and metal holder for the proximity sensor. This holder is essential for the proximity sensor to function correctly.
  • If replacing the proximity sensor make sure that the holder remains adhered to the back of the display. If it comes off with the old proximity sensor, remove it from the old sensor and use a tiny bit of adhesive to re-attach it to the back of the display.

Step 24

  • Slide the point of a spudger under the microphone to lift it out of its recess in the display assembly.

Step 25 - Front Panel

  • Remove two 1.2 mm Phillips #000 screws from each side of the LCD frame (four total).

Step 26

  • Remove the 1.6 mm Phillips #000 screws from the LCD shield plate.
  • One at bottom of the display assembly near the home button opening
  • One at the top of the display near the cables

Step 27

  • Remove the LCD shield plate from the display assembly.

Step 28

  • Display Assembly remains.


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