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[JPN Warehouse] Household Kitchen Storage Rack Shelf (Black) Ship Time Lead Time: 2~5 Days, shipped from JPN Warehouse

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1. With the full storage capacity of 4 shelves, you can not only store the microwave oven, but also store dishes and other kitchen utensils together.
2. The frame design without sides and back and the space-saving design with a width of 60.3 cm can reduce the sense of pressure even in a space with a small floor plan and effectively use the space on the trash can.
3. The shelf is made of PVC, which has excellent water resistance and is easy to maintain. It is difficult to stain and can be wiped off quickly even if it gets wet.
4. The lower shelf can be pulled out, which is very suitable for installing household appliances that need to open and close the lid, such as rice cookers and pots.
5. Each shelf has a high load-bearing capacity of about 10KG, which can be used as a storage place for household appliances.
6. Material: steel+MDF+PVC
7. Dimensions width 60.3x43.8x170 cm
8. Weight: about 16kg

Package Weight
One Package Weight 17.40kgs / 38.36lb
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 18.72kgs / 41.27lb
Carton Size 122cm * 61cm * 21cm / 48.03inch * 24.02inch * 8.27inch
Loading Container 20GP: 170 cartons * 1 pcs = 170 pcs
40HQ: 396 cartons * 1 pcs = 396 pcs
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