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[EU Warehouse] Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential, with 8.5 inch Pneumatic Tires & Lights & LED Display & Reflectors, EU Plug Ship Time Lead Time: 2~5 Days, shipped from EU Warehouse

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Item #: OG1963EU
Brand: Xiaomi
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1. Using low-density, high-strength aviation-grade aluminum alloy material, lightweight
2. It takes only 3 seconds to fold, compact structure, less space, and easy to carry
3. Smartly connect to Mi Home app to check riding status, battery status and upgrade firmware
4. High-safety lithium battery, 20 kilometers long battery life
5. Multi-function instrument panel to help you understand the driving situation in real time
6. The front wheel is an E-ABS anti-lock brake system, and the rear wheel is a large disc brake. Both start at the same time, shortening the braking distance and making driving safer
7. 8.5-inch pneumatic tires, it can not only run smoothly on flat roads, but also very comfortable to drive on non-paved roads (such as gravel, dirt roads and grass)
8. The taillights are larger in size, which is easy for others to find, making your driving at night safer
9. 2W car headlights, with high brightness, and the illumination distance is up to 10 meters. The lighting angle design has been optimized to keep below the line of sight to prevent headlights from dazzling
10. Reflectors have been added to the front, side and tail lights to further enhance night vision and keep you safe when driving at night

Product parameters:
1. Battery: Lithium ion battery 5100mAh / 183Wh
2. General range: 20km
3. Speed: up to 20km/h (speed for each mode: up to 5km/h in pedestrian mode; up to 15km/h in D mode; up to 20km/h in S mode)
4. Supportable weight: 100kg
5. Power: 500W
6. Charging time: 3.5 hours
7. Storage temperature: -20-45 degrees Celsius
8. Product weight: 12kg

Packing list:
Electric scooter x 1
Power adapter x 1
Hex wrench x 1
Extension nozzle adapter x 1
Screw x 1
User manual x 1
Important information x 1

Package Weight
One Package Weight 15.90kgs / 35.05lb
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 16.80kgs / 37.04lb
Carton Size 117cm * 56cm * 22cm / 46.06inch * 22.05inch * 8.66inch
Loading Container 20GP: 185 cartons * 1 pcs = 185 pcs
40HQ: 429 cartons * 1 pcs = 429 pcs


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12/21/2020 05:09
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[$342.64] [EU Warehouse] Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Essential, with 8.5 inch Pneumatic Tires & Lights & LED Display & Reflectors, EU Plug
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