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YWXLight 3m 90 LEDs USB Bluetooth Blackboard LED Strap Light with Controller Ship Time Lead Time: 1~3 Days

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Item #: ZY55291235
Brand: YWXLight
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1. Bluetooth LED Strip 3m Waterproof APP Controlled Decorative LED Strip Lights / 90LED 5050 RGB LED Waterproof USB Multicolor TV Backlight LED Strips Sync to Music Lighting for Home and Outdoor Decoration
2. Bluetooth technology: This bright LED strip controlled by bluetooth technology. It is compatible with all types of smartphones (Android and IOS). Easy to use application on your smartphone to change colors and light effects. The distance to be controlled reaches 15m. (You can directly scan the QR code in the user guide).
3. Millions of Colors - When you use your smartphone to control this Bluetooth LED strip, you can use this 3M RGB LED strip to find the color you need, create and define your own colorful stripe light show. The new design is very suitable for TV backlighting, ambient lighting, LCD monitors, cabinets, tables, Christmas trees, parties, bookshelves, etc., bringing fun to your home or office.
4. Synchronization with the rhythm of music: The light effect of the waterproof LED strip can be changed with the rhythm of music or sound when the 3M LED strip is connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth.
5. Outdoor & Waterproof LED Strip Light: The outdoor LED light is covered by waterproof material. You can install it outdoors, bathrooms, kitchens and other places. No need to worry about bad weather such as splashes, rain or snow. Note: The LED strip is waterproof, but the power supply is not waterproof.
6. Easy to install and safe to use: Before sticking the strip light to improve visibility, first remove the dust on the surface of the TV, and then use strong 3M tape to bend the flexible strip to the desired position, and then attach it no cut, no seam. Just plug and play.
7. Bluetooth connection: first download and download the Happylighting APP, and then enter Bluetooth; In Happylighting, click the logo in the upper left corner, connect the "BLE" light, and then the phone APP controls the color mode of the light strip.

How to connect the lightbar:
1. Scan the QR code on the receiver to download the APP.
2. Activate the Bluetooth function of the phone and then open the application.
3. Check if the Bluetooth signal on the light bar is on my device and then click "Connect".
4. Use the applications rich control program to enjoy the fun of lighting.

How to light the LED strip light?
This is powered by 5V USB, just insert into the 5V USB port to turn it on, very conveniently

Input voltage: DC 5V
Input power: 9W
LED power indicator: 5W
Light strip brightness: 400lm
Color temperature: 3000-6500
Control method: Bluetooth APP
Bluetooth distance: 15m (without obstacles)

1. For TV backlighting.
2. LED strip for TV monitor, computer screen.
3. Accent lighting
4. Kitchen lighting under cabinet lighting.
5. Mirror lighting.

Other apps:
1. Widely used for homes, hotels, clubs, shopping malls. - Holiday decorations, events, exhibitions.
2. Staircase lighting, hidden slot, bottle rack decoration
3. Pleasure park, theater and airplane cabin.
4. Applicable for car, boat and bicycle decoration.
5. DIY decoration for any place you want.

Package includes:
3M light strap x 1
USB Bluetooth APP Controller x1
Buckle x 5.

1. If you cannot search for your bluetooth light belt device or cannot connect to the bluetooth device for a long time, please enter your phone settings and connect again.
2. If you cannot connect to the device for a long time or other abnormalities, please close the program and try restarting it.

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.20kgs / 0.44lb
Qty per Carton 52
Carton Weight 10.00kgs / 22.05lb
Carton Size 34cm * 34cm * 39cm / 13.39inch * 13.39inch * 15.35inch
Loading Container 20GP: 591 cartons * 52 pcs = 30732 pcs
40HQ: 1373 cartons * 52 pcs = 71396 pcs
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[$6.91] YWXLight 3m 90 LEDs USB Bluetooth Blackboard LED Strap Light with Controller
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