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OP-COM V CAN Code Fault Diagnostic Interface PC Tool for Opel Ship Time Lead Time: 1~3 Days

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  • S-CMS-0963
  • S-CMS-0963
  • S-CMS-0963
  • S-CMS-0963
Item #: S-CMS-0963


1) Latest Firmware Version V1.39.

2) Support 2008 Models.

3) Support Saab 9-5 and Saab 9-3 CAN.

4) Covers almost all Opel cars from 1992 - 2008, even new cars with CAN-BUS based diagnostic, such as Vectra-C, Astra-H, Zafira-B.

5) OP-COM is a PC based Opel diagnostic program. This interface can read out and clear fault codes, shows you live data, lets you to perform output test, and supports remote, and key programming.

6) The program supports many control units, such as

- Engine

- Automatic Transmission


- Airbag

- Engine Cooling module

- Instrument Cluster

- Electronic Climate Control

- Body Control Unit

- Many others...

7) Since Opel uses many pin in the On-Board Diagnostic connector, the diagnostic interface works as a multiplexer, and selects the appropriate pin for communication.

- PIN3, PIN7, PIN8, PIN12 = Serial Link (ISO9141, KW81, KW82, KWP2000)

- PIN6-PIN14

- PIN3-PIN11

- PIN1

- HSCAN - Dual-wire, High Speed CAN-BUS, 500 kbps

- MSCAN - Dual-wire, Medium Speed CAN-BUS, 95 kbps

- SWCAN - Single-wire, Low Speed CAN-BUS, 33.3 kbps

8) Fault codes will be shown with all available information:

9) Full fault code text description

10) Full status information (Present, Not present, Intermittent)

11) You can print out, save, or copy the fault codes to any other application.

12) From the fault codes window, you can go directly to the measuring blocks window. The program shows you measuring block information on many control module, you can choose anything from the list on your own. The program is capable of showing 8 measuring block parameter simultaneously. The sample rate is depends mostly on the communication protocol. For example, older system, like Omega-B X 25 DT Engine (ISO-9141-2) can be very slow, during communication, while newer Multec, or Bosch units are faster (using KWP-2000), and the newest CAN based control units are very fast!

13) You will get a feedback on the state of the activated output. This will helps you to find the failed components more easily.

14) With OP-COM, you can learn keys to immobilizer, and remote keys to the central door locking, or alarm.

15) You can also reset, and program the following immobilizer related items: ECM, BCM, IPC. You will need the vehicle security code, which can be found on the CAR-PASS.

16) You can also reset, and program the Service interval reminder on Astra-G, Zafira, Corsa-C, Meriva, Tigra-B

17) You can code SAB6, and SAB8 airbags with the software.

18) The diagnostic interface is USB port based, so there will be NO COMPATIBILITY ISSUES, with serial to USB converters.

19) The speed of the communication over the USB-BUS is enough to handle the awesome speed of the High-Speed CAN-BUS systems, which is currently 500kbps. This is the main reason, why only the USB port based interface is available for CAN-BUS.

20) # NOTE: The program can only be used with special interface hardware. A simple serial or USB port based standard interfaces (K, KKL, etc) cannot be used
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[$13.15] OP-COM V CAN Code Fault Diagnostic Interface PC Tool for Opel
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